Racketball @ Swansea Tennis & Squash Club

Racketball is one of the fastest growing rackets sports in the UK and when you give it a go you'll understand why!


Played on a squash court but with a bigger bouncier ball and a shorter handled racket, it's a sport anyone can play. 


The racket is between the size of a tennis and squash racket and the ball stays in play longer than a squash or tennis ball. Its so easy to get a rally going - and even a beginner gets to enjoy playing quickly with very little practice.

If you've played tennis, badminton or squash then it's probable you'll be comfortable straight away.  Even with no rackets experience, we're confident you're likely to pick it up within minutes.


Scoring is similar to squash with point-per-rally scoring and each match is made up of the best of three or five games with each game up to 11 points.

The sport is supported and actively encouraged by Squash Wales, the official body for squash in the country, which is working towards establishing a South Wales league.  Racketball is being rebranded as Squash 57 due to the size of the racket and is really taking off.