Ladders & leagues for you to play in!

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The ladder is a fun way of getting opponents for 4 singles matches arranged each month. We currently have 9 unisex divisions including juniors so there is opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, ability and level of play!  


As you progress up  you’ll get to meet different players and hopefully have enjoyable matches. A month can go by quickly, so please do get started as soon as possible, and please answer ladder texts / whatsapp messages promptly - your opponents want to play their matches! If you’re not sure when you can play: tell them when they can expect to hear from you – don’t leave them waiting.

To join our fantastic Tennis league,

please contact Jon Jenkins: jonjenko66@gmail.com


Swansea Squash Ladders

The squash leagues are a great way to play squash competitively each week and meet a bunch of new people around the club!

To join our brilliant squash league,

please contact Justin Nemeth: Justin_nemeth@hotmail.com