Ladders & leagues for you to play in! (MAY NOW Open )

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The ladder is a fun way of getting opponents for 4 singles matches arranged each month. We currently have 9 unisex divisions including juniors so there is opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, ability and level of play!  


As you progress up  you’ll get to meet different players and hopefully have enjoyable matches. A month can go by quickly, so please do get started as soon as possible, and please answer ladder texts / whatsapp messages promptly - your opponents want to play their matches! If you’re not sure when you can play: tell them when they can expect to hear from you – don’t leave them waiting.

You can also use our new Players Directory to message opponents or just to arrange to games for fun or practice. Just open community in the main menu and sign up, don't forget to publish your bio and photo.

Hopefully in September the summer ladder will lead us into the club championship!


Matches are of one set only – the first to 8 games wins with a tie-break at 7-all. To see how to score your match, see the table below.

Promotion/ Relegation will be at the end of each month with 2 players moving and 2 players moving down. However, this is under the discretion of the league coordinator.

Results will be submitted on global world by the winner of each match (link above, just log in)

I have tried to keep the rules to a minimum but please if there are any queries/disputes contact me asap

Thanks, Jon Jenkins

Ladder Manager (use the Players Directory to contact me) 


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