Committee & management 

The club is managed by via volunteer committee

The Club is run by a volunteer management team who meet every month. They are supported by other volunteers, together with whom they take responsibility for organising all the the tennis and squash related activities, maintaining the club building, the club grounds, and all club social activities.  Justin, our club manager is employed to manage the bar and club house.

Our committee are established club members and share an interest in both tennis and squash, they are passionate about the club, and collectively offer a mix of key administrative, organisational, business and financial skills. 

Committee Members:

John Gregory - Club President

Helen Dougherty - Chairman

Paul Thorburn - Company Secretary 

Susan Parsell  - Treasurer

Howard Jones - Squash Lead 

Paul Davies - Head of Marketing and Communications 

Wendy Norris - Head of Clubhouse Operations

David Williams - Tennis Head Coach

Jenny Burrows - Membership Secretary and Squash Coach

Ian Howarth - Building, Facilities and Safety 

Justin Nemeth - Club Manager

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equality & diversirty

We will not deny access to the Club to members or visitors because of a discriminatory reason. The Club, in all of its activities, will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably, on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, ability or disability.

We will ensure that all members of the community have access to, can participate in and enjoy our programme of activities, competitions and events.

covid-19 guidance * urgent

Critical announcement: playing our part in keeping the club open


We would like to thank all members for their efforts in following the covid restrictions. The club committee and directors are well aware how difficult the lockdown and social restrictions have been for everyone. Unfortunately we are not out of the woods yet, local policing of the restrictions is on the increase, resulting in warnings and heavy fines being handed out, including temporary closures of premises. The directors of the club are working hard to ensure the safety of all members, as they are legally responsible for the premises and actions of the members on site.


This a gentle but critical reminder that absolute compliance to both national law and club rules are key to the club remaining open. We request that, whilst restrictions continue there be no social congregations of more than 2 households on any part of the club’s property or grounds. 


To ensure compliance and demonstrate that as a club we are taking all the necessary measures the law requires we will be re-enforcing and strengthening our procedures in this area. Members of the committee and coaching team have been asked to politely remind members of the regulations  if they observe any breaches.

LTA guidance >

Privacy, data, cookies

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In general, the club follows the LTA's policies and procedures. 

  1. STSC Safeguarding Policy:

  2. 20200803_Safeguarding PolicyV1.0

  3. STSC Whistleblowing Policy:

  4. STSCwhistleblowing-policyMay2018

  5. STSC Diversity and Inclusion Policy:

  6. Diversity-and-inclusion-policy May2018V2.0

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general etiquette, respect 

At our club we politely ask that you treat everyone with respect, on and off the courts. Please be well mannered and welcoming when interacting with people across our site. If waiting for a court please keep your distance and be patient. 

Please make sure you are wearing the right footwear before entering the squash courts. Running trainers are NOT permitted as they cause an increased risk of ankle sprain due to their higher heel (made for shock absorption). These types of trainers will also leave marks, damaging our courts therefore appropriate footwear is required.


Make sure that you are following the Covid-19 guidelines we have set up above as it allows us to keep everyone at the club safe while keeping the courts thriving.